Actually, as news writeups go, it was pretty good. Turns out the author, Jamie Wood,
was an ex-goth and was amazed to find it was still going. Here's a few extracts:

"They are the saviours of the market for black eyeliner- they are the goths, new goths.
Tough on pop, tough on the causes of pop. Delve deep enough into someone's past
and you'll probably find a goth lurking there somewhere. Whether it was a passing
interest in the Sisters of Mercy, the desperate need to write dreadful teenage poetry or
the full monty of painting your bedroom black and lighting a lot of joss sticks- it all

"As the world moved into the dance music age in the late 80s goths seemed to go into
hibernation for a while- but watch out, they're back. Alternative clubs are making a big
return as people became bored by the snobbishness of the fragemented dance scene."

"Since March this year Scandals has been running the Resurgence Goth Night and it
has gone well from the start. But with the Cure back in the recording studio and the
Fields of the Nephilim rumoured to be making a return it's also the place for a new
alternative crowd."

"So remember, when you're next in the office, in a lecture or just wandering around,
take a look around you. Maybe it'll be the pair of Doc Martens under the table or
maye the tell-tale remnants of last night's eyeliner- there's more goths out there than
you'd think."

That's two writeups we've had from the Portsmouth News, and neither of them
have mentioned Marilyn Manson or vampires - full marks to the local press......